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Last Day in Tokyo- We're off to see the Pandas 01.11.2012
Sake to me! Sake to me! Sake to me! 01.11.2012
Up a Tree & in a Tower 30.10.2012
Sushi with Gingercake 30.10.2012
Yoyo it's Shibuya 28.10.2012
I want to Ride my Bicycle, I want to Ride my Bike 27.10.2012
Kyoto- The Last Hoohar 25.10.2012
Every Cloud has a Silver Lining 23.10.2012
A Half Lit Fire Festival & A Blazing Sake Trail 23.10.2012
It's Bath Time! (No Swimsuit Allowed) 20.10.2012
Maikover Time 19.10.2012
When it Rains, it Pours 17.10.2012
10,000 Torii Gates 16.10.2012
Wowaweewa, it's Miyajima 15.10.2012
HM Miyajima Backpackers Prison 15.10.2012
Bright Lights, Big City. 14.10.2012
Let's Champ on some Champon 10.10.2012
Nagasaki Peace Park 10.10.2012
Festival in Nagasaki & Everyone's Invited 09.10.2012
A Room with a View 07.10.2012
Totes Kumamotes Good Time 05.10.2012
Choo Choo All Aboard to Kumamoto 04.10.2012
We're off to Sakurajima 04.10.2012
Getting to know Kagoshima 03.10.2012
We've got 21 hours to go... 02.10.2012